I know, I know, all this Movember talk and here I go with Muffember.

You see, I am a woman, and although there are some of my kind who can indeed sport a female stache, I am not one of them. Even looking at my female ancestors, I am certain I will not require waxing or electrolysis to remove a caterpillar from my upper lip.

I do tend to wax my nether regions however. Full brazilian. Not something I did until recently. It was more out of a need than desire. I had a beauty mark down there that was becoming bothersome so my doctor suggested removing it. Rather than deal with him shaving the one area haphazardly, I decided to go get the whole muff waxed off.

It was fantastic!

Think of how excited you are when bound and blindfolded. Not knowing what your partner is going to do, where they are going to touch you next. It’s exciting, exhilarating. I could orgasm just from the anticipation of his touch, his breath on my skin. Getting waxed, for me, is very much the same. I lay there, on the table, everything below the waist is off, totally at her mercy.

My girl powders me with a soft brush so that the wax can adhere to my hair rather than my skin. She starts at the outer areas first. Hot wax on. Press on cloth strip. Hold skin taught. Pull. Hand gently rubbing to ease the sting. Pulling the strip of wax covered hair off sounds a little like removing velcro. It feels intense. I am not sure where she is going to put the hot wax next, when she is going to pull. Each strip moves her closer to my labia and the more sensitive spots. The same drill… Wax. Cloth. Hold. Pull. Hand.

I have had an orgasm while getting waxed. At first I was mortified but she made no comment, no judgement. She just went to her dish of powder and brushed some more on.

They say not to have sex for at least 24 hours after getting waxed. Try and stop me! When I leave the salon I am so turned on that I could literally jump the first man who comes near me. I haven’t. But I could.

This month, for Movember, I decided to leave the bush natural and participate with Muffember. It’s more hair than I’ve sported in some time. I’m not quite to the 70’s porn star stage yet though.

The month is almost up and I am so antsy to go get it all waxed off again. I am certain this time will involve another orgasm at the hands of my girl, on that table in the small room in the corner of the basement of the salon.

Three more days to go!

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7 thoughts on “Muffember

  1. What, and no pic? Tease!
    I suppose one of these days I should try a wax… I usually shave myself in the shower, which leads to other fun with the hand-held… 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

    • I don’t have one with the muff. I hate always having a “way too close up” one. May be able to rectify that tonight. 😉

  2. I know how you feel having a “way too close up”. I just tried taking one and wound up hating myself for about ten minutes. I haven’t grown out my hair to its fullest in a long time. It would only take about 2 weeks if I did. I am one of those unlucky woman who has lost of hair everywhere!

  3. I am a shaver… and I would never go back to a muff, not even for a good cause I’m afraid. I think they look beautiful on other woman but I just find it really irritating and itchy on me.


  4. I am very intrigued about Brazilian waxing, but do not think I have the patience to let the hair grow long enough to have one. I have shaved daily since I was about 20.

    I do like the idea of an orgasm during waxing though 😉

    Rebel xox

  5. Never has being waxed sounded so damn seductive.. If only I could deal with the pain {and I like pain} but after waxing my top lip & chin, no way, nuh uh..

    So, I shave. The great big bug bear that it is, but, I’m a wuss.

    Kudos to you for going the month without being tempted to get rid!

    Pea ~x~

    • Oh, I was damn tempted! Reality is I was out if commission for the first part of the month, with the surgery and all, so once I recouped from that I was past the icky stage. It is bugging the hell out if me now though. I can’t wait to get it gone.

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