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I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Seriously. The ‘little sale’ I had asked to be part of was a two-day sale with a long history. The E.C. Drury Craft Sale has been held every November for over 23 years. It’s known as the Giant Annual Craft Sale. Glad I didn’t know this when I signed on. That would have been too much pressure.

A view of my piece of the table at the sale last weekend.


This year the sale moved to its new home at Craig Kielburger Secondary School. Beautiful new school, in the seemingly middle of nowhere. I doubt that will be the case in even just two years from now. Milton is a growing town. I hope it is able to keep some of its quaintness through all this growth. Sad when towns lose what it was that made them special to begin with.

Back to the sale…

It was slow. Painfully so at times. The move to the new school had a lot to do with it. There were no signs out on the main roadways, nothing at the old school to advise people who weren’t aware of the move. The only signs I saw were a few little ones on the actual street the school was on. I was told there used to be a rather large a-frame sign that was put out on Main Street. No such sign this year.

It was still a good experience for me overall. I sold a lot of the things, bought a few things, and still came away with a nice little profit. I even did some bartering with one of the vendors. That was my favorite. I don’t know why people don’t do more of that. In a time when we complain about money but have the ability to do things others can’t, or make things others want, why wouldn’t we trade goods for goods, services for services, or a combination of the two?

Unfortunately none of the knitted baby and children’s sweaters my Mom had made for me sold. There seemed to be an abundance of those available. No biggie. I’ve packed up the baby sweaters and booties to donate to the maternity ward at the hospital. They can always use them. And not making money on them is irrelevant when I can get a more satisfying feeling from donating them. The boy and I will bring them in over the holidays.

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