A Kiss On The Wind

they can not see

what is between us

our secret must remain

lest they know what we’ve begun

I want you to know

that you are my love


no matter where we are

no matter the distance

I will blow you a kiss

let it touch your heart

let it get inside and warm you

when I blow you a kiss

no one will see

no one will know

that it is meant for you

when we are apart

you can still kiss me goodnight

all you have to do

is blow me a kiss

on the wind

it will reach me


I will feel it

warm and tender

on my cheek

and I will know

Note: This weeks Wicked Wednesday prompt is “Blowing a kiss…” Music of course came to mind first and I was inspired by an old song. I find it rather funny actually, being from 1970 (the song, not me, I’m a little younger than that), and couldn’t help but share it with you. Hope it puts a smile on your face as well.

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2 thoughts on “A Kiss On The Wind

  1. A lovely way to express a secret 🙂

    ~Kaz xxx

  2. Such sweet words!

    Rebel xox

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