After The Whistling

A short follow-up to Dreaded Whistling.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and understanding. I’ve never been part of a community, or had friends, where I felt comfortable sharing these parts of myself. Funny how I can feel that way when, save one, I have never met any of you wonderful Wicked Wednesday peeps in person and chances are I never will. I’ve seen over these past few months that friendships come in many forms and from many places. Often unexpected. It doesn’t matter that an ocean, or continent, or both, separates us.

My years with Steuart (still not his real name) taught me a lot and even though they didn’t end well I am still glad they happened. They changed me in ways I never knew possible before. I learned what vanilla was and realized that it ain’t me. I learned what I tasted like. As silly as that may sound, there are way too many guys out there who balk at the thought of sharing those lovely mingled tastes. I also learned that I wanted to experience more, just not with him.

It’s taken a lot of years to get back on my feet. I am still trying to find my bearings in many aspects. Being a <cough> 40-year-old single mother to a rambunctious 2-year-old threw a big monkey wrench into my world. But that is one of those things I wouldn’t change for anything.

I still want to have that sex room again. The difference now is that I know myself, I know many of my limits (some soft, some hard), and I know what I am willing to accept from my partner. I have a community to share with now as well. A community to learn from, to support me. Back when I was with Steuart it was just us. We weren’t part of any kink community. I didn’t have anyone to lean on or learn from but him.

Most importantly, there are things that have to come before the room, before the play. Mainly love, respect, and communication. Without those no kind of relationship will ever work.

2 thoughts on “After The Whistling

  1. I think you said it well.

    • Thanks Bob. I can always count on you for a positive word. Don’t ever stop.

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