I Am A Crafter

There. I said it. I like to make all kinds of things. Some things turn out great, some not so much, and some I start but never finish. That’s me, so many ideas and so little time.

This year I decided to join a friend and her Mother selling wares at a weekend craft sale. Not sure what I was thinking. Sure, I like to make different kinds of crafts and stuff, but I had never made anything to sell. Only ever for gifts or for myself to use. I thought it would be a good idea to get me doing something productive with my time this year. My son is two now and I’ve kinda got the hang of this parenting thing, enough that I have time to do things at least.

Again, I don’t know what I was thinking. I started the year out with all these grandiose ideas and now here it is just over a month away and I’ve barely got anything done. I do have a bag full of children’s sweaters, but that was more of a me buying the wool and my Mother knitting them kind of craft.

The biggest reason I’ve nothing done is because of my writing. I started two blogs this year. This one and one with more mature content. I make a point of posting on each blog at least once a week, though usually twice. It may not seem like much, but for those who do blog it does take quite some time. I have loads of posts that I’ve written, or partially written, that I have not posted yet. When an idea comes I need to get it down before it leaves me. That has happened too many times than I care to mention.

Back to the crafting bit. I have a bag full of children’s sweaters done. Yes, they count, even if I didn’t do them myself. I have two dozen egg ornaments partially done. Those are taking a long time to finish as I can’t work on them at all while my son is around. I have a handful of hats and dish/face cloths made awaiting the ends to be woven in. I have cases of jars bought for preserves and mixes, not yet filled. I have two bags of wool and cotton looking to be turned into something pretty and useful.

I just learned this week that the craft sale I thought was a one day thing turns out to be a two day event. Event she called it. Holy! That means more stuff to make. I have five and a half weeks left to get my act together. Time to log off and get to it.

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